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You have reached our dedicated magnetic bracelets web site. We are a company that has been operating  in the Magnetic Therapy area for well over 13 years and so have built up technical know how and practical experience in the application of magnets and copper. We provide buyers information, advice and access to a wide range of magnetic and copper bracelet products.

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SALE NOW ON: Many of our Magnetic Titanium & Stainless Steel Bracelets and Copper Magnetic Bracelets are reduced by up to 30%. NEW IN: - DOUBLE STRENGTH Titanium with double magnets - Neo30: unique 'UK Registered Design' Sports & Leisure Silicon magnetic bracelet with 30 Hi-Strength Magnets - 'Hi-POWER Copper bangles with larger magnets. GIFT BOXES available.


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OrbMagnetic Bracelets and Copper Bracelets - Buyers Information - A Summary
  • Titanium Magnetic Bracelets: Lightweight, robust and attractive bracelets. Good for sports and general pain conditions. Titanium is very light and yet extremely strong. Titanium Bracelets are therefore practical yet also attractive. Often favoured for sports or leisure activities (especially golfers) who are looking for a magnetic bracelet lighter than say a stainless steel or copper bracelet, which does not affect a golfers swing. Lightweight titanium is often chosen for pain conditions where a heavier bracelet can feel uncomfortable. We also stock 2 other types of titanium magnetic bracelets, Black Titanium and Double Power Titanium's.

  • Double Power Titanium Bracelets: As described above but with an extra row of powerful magnets. These are Titanium link magnetic bracelet with two magnets per link for double the power - up to 40 magnets per bracelet depending on length. Due to the extra magnets, these bracelets tend to be wider.

  • Silicon Magnetic Bracelets: The Neo30 is a unique product, flexible, practical, lightweight, water resistant, easy to use, good for sports and leisure activities and highly therapeutic due to the 30 high strength magnets. The Neo30 uses the latest technology to integrate a large number of high strength bars of Neodymium magnets within a practical easy to use flexible silicon bracelet. 30 neodymium magnets in each bracelet - probably the only silicon magnetic bracelet with this number of hi-strength magnets. Pull on pull off. Several colours and sizes are available. Suitable for general pain relief and sport activities. Beware of low strength imitations which normally have very small magnets.

  • Hi-Power Copper Magnetic Bracelets (Bangle Style): With extra large end magnets (7 times larger than standard magnets, with a much greater depth of therapeutic penetration), available as copper but also gold and silver designs.

  • Copper Magnetic Bracelet Bangles: Copper is an an essential metal our body needs, but is often not absorbed. It is believed that copper has an anti-inflammatory effect. All of our copper bangles have 6 magnets. Duel effect - copper plus magnetic therapy. Lots of different designs from plain copper to combinations of silver and copper.

  • Stainless Steel Bracelets: Link bracelets and bangle designs for both men and women. Stainless Steel is practical, hard wearing and extremely strong and resilient to scratches. The stainless steel grade used is 316L.

  • Black Series Magnetic Bracelets: Includes black IP gunmetal plated titanium, with designs for men and women.

  • Gold and Silver Plated Magnetic Bracelet Bangles: Over 20 designs made with 24k gold plating or silver plating. Also silver combined with copper.

  • Magnetic Jewellery, Hematite and Shamballa Style: Semi precious stones combined with hematite bracelets and necklaces. 20 designs. High strength large magnets.

OrbMagno-Mutt - Advanced Magnetic Dog Collars

    The Magno Mutt Magnetic Dog Collar is designed by us for maximum magnetic therapy, it contains 3 to 4 large powerful magnets (depending on collar size). Each magnet is graded at core strength 14000 Gauss, with well over 2000 gauss at the surface. This level of magnetic strength enables deep, effective penetration of the therapy. Magnet size is a key factor in this type of therapy which will be of greater benefit to your dog. This could help relieve the symptoms of lethargy and painful stiff joints.

OrbThe Technical Stuff - Click here for more info - Some of the basic physics of magnets

Gauss Rating: Magnets are given a Gauss rating, this is a unit of measurement that relates to the strength of a magnet and is connected with the density of lines of magnetic force coming from a magnet. You could say that this is like the pulling power of a magnet. Magnets have a manufacturers rating which could be understood as the strength at the core of the magnet. Another important magnet measurement is the measurement at the surface of the magnet. In engineering and the physical sciences another unit of measurement is used, this is the Tesla, (10,000 gauss = 1 Tesla). In magnet therapy people tend to use the gauss rating. Gauss is measured with a gauss meter, an expensive instrument, but widely available in the UK. We test all our magnetic products using a gauss meter.

Magnet Size and Number: It must be noted that the overall strength of a magnet is also related to the actual physical size and mass of a magnet. Larger magnets have more mass than smaller magnets and so can store a greater amount of magnetic energy. So you could have a magnet with a very high gauss rating which will in fact will have less overall magnetic energy than a much bigger magnet with a lower gauss rating. The size of the magnet contributes to the depth of penetration of the magnetic field into the body. Gauss rating alone is not enough to indicate the strength of a magnet. Magnetic bracelets which have more magnets are also better, but it does also depend on magnet size, strength and magnet distribution.

OrbMagnetic Therapy and 'Can Magnetic Bracelets Help? - Click here for more info
There are many viewpoints and theories, both new and old, as to how magnets work therapeutically, the bottom line is that it is not fully understood.

Is it all in the Blood? Many commentators believe magnets have a significant effect on the blood mechanisms within the tissues. While it may be too simplistic to say that blood flow is improved under the influence of magnets, there maybe improvement in certain aspects of the bloods quality and function, with consequential therapeutic benefits.

Improved Oxygenation? Magnetic therapy is based on the biological effects of magnetic fields on the living organism. When magnetic fields are properly applied (polarity, intensity and frequency) there is a reaction that is utilized in the treatment of illness, the alleviation of pain, and the general promotion of well being. A magnetic field penetrates every single cell being exposed to the field. This in turn is believed to influence the ion exchange within the cell, which improves the oxygen utilization of the cell. This is important for the healing and regeneration process.

How long does it take for Magnetic Bracelets to work?  With some people results are very rapid, literally within minutes, in others it may take a couple of weeks. We are all individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. The severity of the complaint also varies from person to person. Some people may have had a problem for six months others 25 years. The way we respond will be different, so it is very difficult to generalise.

Are Magnets Safe? Magnetic therapy is generally regarded as a safe form of treatment. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has deemed the magnets typically used in this type of therapy as safe. The usual precautions apply, i.e. pregnant women are advised not to use magnets. As magnets have an effect on electrical devices and metal objects, they should not be worn by anyone using electrical medical devices (e.g. pacemakers), or who have internal metal surgical implants. Keep small magnets away from children as they may swallow them. Certain bracelets may affect lap top computers.

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